Brian Harley Assa

Brian Harley Assa
In loving memory,
10/22/1991 - 01/19/2008

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No one is invincible

The SMART CHOICES FOUNDATION, INC has been created to help make young adults aware of the consequences of acting without thinking about all possible results, not only to themselves but to their friends and family.

We all hear about horrible things that happen to others and think “that will never happen to me”. Though we hope nothing bad ever happens to any of you, this foundation is here to convince you that it can…


Our goal is to educate people on the possible cost of their momentary enjoyment. Things that you may think are small decisions can change your life forever in an instant…

  • Driving fast or under the influence

  • Riding with someone who is driving dangerously

  • Engaging in unprotected sex

  • Drinking alcohol, smoking weed or doing drugs

  • Playing sports without the proper safety equipment

  • All of these things that you may think are nothing can ruin your life and the lives of those around you. One misjudged move in a car, one night of too much alcohol, one game of football without a helmet – they can all put you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life… or even kill you. Now, think not only about yourself but those around you. Do your friends and family deserve to go to your funeral and visit your grave rather than watch you graduate high school and go off to college? Do they deserve to give up their lives to take care of you because you had one moment of fun and now cannot do anything for yourself?

    We are here to open eyes to these possible outcomes. Not everything goes according to plan. You never really know what will happen tomorrow. Cherish today and think about everything you do, BEFORE YOU DO IT!

    SMART CHOICES FOUNDATION, INC is a 501(C)3 - Not for profit organization

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